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"What I liked best was that you made the shift in thinking so simple and practical, making perfect sense."


"In all honesty, I thought the program was brilliant. Your passion, enthusiasm, and likability were true driving factors"


"Your videos were the first thing I looked for every morning. A touch of inspiration with my cuppa"

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  • Community Zoom Calls
  • Strategy Zoom Calls
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  • IOS/Android App
  • 1 to 1 Support
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Exclusive Courses
  • Upcoming Habits Mastery Program
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What HabitsV2 Members Have To Say:


"Life is much, much more enjoyable without alcohol!"

Your videos have really helped me last year when deciding to quit alcohol. I'm now over 10 months alcohol-free. Your program was fundamental in preparing myself to make that change, and your videos really inspired me to do so in the first place. (Just watching you having all these great walks around the Spanish countryside, while talking into your camera in a really down-to-earth, wise, and friendly manner, was in itself a great advertisement for an alcohol-free life!)
What I really like about your approach, firstly, is that it doesn't dwell on the negative self-labelling of AA ("I'm an alcoholic" etc.)  Personally speaking, I also think that AA just creates a self-fulfilling prophecy and keeps us stuck in addiction rather than liberating us from it. 
Secondly, I liked that your method begins with preparation - getting into the right head-space first, and seeing alcohol for what it is... Then it's about making a firm choice:  the fact that we can choose differently, and do not need to sit around calling ourselves "alcoholics" in meetings for years and years, is really empowering. 
The third thing that I really found beneficial in your method is that being alcohol-free is about living life, and, that contrary to popular belief, life is much, much more enjoyable without alcohol. Inspired by your videos, it really was really crucial for me when quitting the booze to examine my own core values in life too, to make plans and have personal strategies on how to be a better version of myself (e.g. my family are more important than sitting up all night throwing booze down my throat). So, your instance on "being a better version of yourself" in your teachings is really vital.
So, thank you very much Kevin for all your wisdom, encouragement and insight; your program and teachings really does make a big difference in people's lives. 

David, Florida

Harvey D, London

Habits Unplugged changed my life. Alcohol was my escape from everywhere . It was slowly destroying my life. I found HU and everything changed for the better. I only wish I had found this knowledge  sooner.

Tommy F, Texas

The greatest respect to you Kevin. You helped me back from the living dead!

Louise, Durban

You helped me all the way through this journey and I can't thank you enough. I just celebrated  237 days sober and I'm loving every minute of this new life.

"Excellent Program!"

Habits Unplugged is an excellent program.  I really like the way you have structured it.  The way the emphasis is moved over time away from alcohol to being the best version of one’s self is brilliant. 

Angela, UK

"My husband listened...and has joined me in being alcohol free!"

We are so grateful for your program... I am just going on six months without any alcohol... my husband listened with me every day and he has joined me in being alcohol free.. it was just freeing to get an understanding of exactly what alcohol is and why we get addicted..  I always had a problem with the disease mentality and u explain it so well.. thank you Kevin 

Melissa, New York

"I haven't had a drink in 14 months!"

I just want to say that I adore you! Thank you so much, you helped me tremendously. I didn’t do the prep I just jumped in to the Transition days. I like that everyday you have a new video which really kept me accountable. I like that you drum in how lethal alcohol is. Your heart and soul is in this and it shows. Just keeping coming from that place . I love that it’s fairly priced. I haven’t had a drink for 14 months now and I owe it to you! Just keep doing what you’re doing.xxxxxx

Andrea, W. Virginia

"Honest bloke!"

I think you're one of the most honest blokes I have come across. I found your approach both personal and helpful. I got a lot out of videos. Cheers mate!

Brian, Manchester

"You were the difference maker!"

I loved your program. I feel it gave me the tools to be AF. I am a non drinker now and have no desire to drink. I have even had dreams where a person offers me something and I calmly say no thank you. I don’t drink. Simple.
The first 30 Days were crucial to have two videos per day. I feel you have that goal set and it’s done and then it gets easier from there. Each month gets easier and easier. I have been able to grow emotionally over these months and I’m clear headed every day and I love it. My relationship with my wife has improved significantly since I’m actually present with her and my family. Thank you so much Kevin. I feel you were the difference maker. 

Mikel, Prague

"Truly touched my heart!"

I can't speak to your life influences prior to you coming into my life but since you have been in my life you have helped me achieve more than I can type.  Your patient, professional, motivational, loving caring, honest approach to coaching has truly touched my heart.

Sam, Galway

"You talked like me!"

I always look forward to your daily videos. They have helped me so much! I have just passed my 1 year with no alcohol. It's been awesome. Thank you for your videos, your candor is what helped. You talked like me, you helped change my inner talk. Thank you. I really can't express my gratitude in the way I want, I hope you understand how helpful you are. 

Rob, Chicago

"I stopped drinking on 30 January and have not had a drop since!"

I can so relate to your beliefs,  it's all down to us as we ourselves raise the glass for sip after sip, bottle after bottle. I can't imagine how much of my life's income has been spent on Alcohol! By listening to you I stopped drinking on 30 January this year and have not had a drop since. I am pleased to say I don't miss or crave it.  I know I am not out of the woods yet and I still have a long way to go with my personal development to be the best version of myself possible but you have held my hand to get me where I am today and I thank you. I hope this assures you that your time is well spent helping others.

Frances, Tampa

"I now sleep through whole nights!"

I feel so good, as reborn. After years of insomnia, I now sleep through whole nights. I finally feel freedom and peace. Continue your good work and I will continue to follow you. I wish you all the best and good luck. 

Sophie, the Netherlands

"My head is quiet for the first time I can remember!"

I’m feeling this mate. Gout gone. Anxiety almost gone. My head is quiet for the first time I can remember. Skin problems gone. I have money in the bank
I can’t get arrested for drink driving because I don’t  ever drink. I thought I was darkness. I am not.  There’s only one way I could do it. Never put it in my mouth. 100%  Your program was the start. Thank you. 

Owen, Wales

"NO cravings or withdrawal symptoms!"

gave up both smoking and drinking 7-8 weeks ago. I was lucky to find the right time and mindset. Funny thing is I had NO cravings or withdrawal symptoms, just unusual  tiredness for the last three weeks which has subsided in recent days. Anyhow, I just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the work you are doing. For me Habits Unplugged is part of a bigger journey back to health and wholeness.

Sita, Birmingham

"You make life simple and clear!"

I am clean now for almost five months. I feel great. I even lost weight due to diet and exercise. I thank you for your program and all the advice you have given me. Man, you are better than many doctors I have visited. I admire your honesty and simplicity. You make life simple and clear, it's much easier to make decisions. Now, I am working on quitting smoking cigarettes. I think that I can do it because my time in life is too valuable to waste on worthless habits. God bless you, Kevin

Mo, Aukland

"I couldn't have done it without your support!"

I’m just sat in my garden on a Sunday afternoon here in Penzance, thinking how blessed I am and how great I feel and I wanted to say a massive thank you to you because if it hadn’t been for Habits Unplugged I wouldn’t be feeling this way.

Back in December last year I had a ladies Christmas lunch and in the space of 3 hours I managed to consume so much Prosecco I barely remember getting home.  I’d parked my car at the train station and I did something I’ve never done before, I got in my car and drove home!  In the morning I was horrified and I knew I had to do something about my drinking habits - I'd watched many of your YouTube videos and I had thought about subscribing to your program times but just put it off - on this particular day I was so desperate and I knew things had to change so I joined.

You helped me through a very difficult time, I couldn’t have done it without your support.  I got there and I am now 338 days sober and loving it.  Being sober is my new addiction  
Your ability to present the facts in a very no-nonsense way is exactly what I needed.  I see the truth behind alcohol now and realize it is one of the most destructive drugs on this earth.

Without you I don’t think I could have made this positive change to my life, and I thank you so much.

Judy, Penzance

"I'm finally alcohol free for over a year!"

I'm finally alcohol free for over a year. A lot of stopping and starting. I really relied on your talks a lot. Focusing on it morning and night. Lots of reading has always helped me because I'm very analytical, high functioning alcoholism. So many years of trying to just control it. I think there's a need for your program. The continual access to have you talking to me really helped.

Dani, North Dakota