Decide Not To Stay Where You Are

accountability alcohol mastery decide not to stay where you are decide to stop excuses it's going to be uncomfortable kevin o'hara make the decision Oct 15, 2021

Everything that you are ever going to achieve after you stop polluting your mind and body with alcohol will only happen because you have made one very simple, but very crucial decision...

That decision is: "regardless of how uncomfortable this is going to make me feel, I will not put any more alcohol into my mouth".

You only have to make the decision once, but you have to be prepared to hold yourself accountable for your decision every day.

What happens next is completely up to you. Do you think about yourself as an alcoholic or an addict - even though you are no longer a user? Or, do you think about yourself as a free person - free of the drug and free to reach your potential? 

Guess which one is going to be the most personally beneficial?

HabitsV2 Platform

If you are ready to stop drinking alcohol and you're looking for a clear and step by step process to help you make quick progress, we have a complete series of trainings and coaching at your disposal. Click on the button below for more details about how you can get started with the HabitsV2 platform.

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