Filling Time Concept - Fear Not Death, But Never Beginning To Live

alcohol dumification habitual thinking time is valuable valuable value Oct 10, 2021
  • How much of our day do we actively live? Yes, we are breathing, our hearts are beating, and we are functioning in an alive manner. How much of our time are we using in making the most of the years that we have?
  • It's a modern cliche that we should live our lives with intention, but what does that actually mean and how much of our lives are spent in unintentional thinking or doing or just plain old robotic habitual doing for the sake of doing.
  • When I was using alcohol as an escape hatch, with all the consequences that this type of evasion brings with it, I was missing out on so much. Most of this went over the top of my head. My brain was dumified. My thinking was hampered. And all my actions were influenced from that base state of dazing.
  • Everyone who stops drinking alcohol experiences a sense of expansion when the alcohol is gone. It's amazing. Amazing in how much of our life is now available to us. Amazing at how we didn't see it before. That's the nature of the drug. Incapacitated.
  • Today, our V word is Valuable. How valuable is your life to you really?

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