Logging The Simplest Parts of the Journey

Oct 16, 2021
  • I sometimes can get caught up in the process of learning and teaching the craft and systematizing of change. I sometimes forget to document the simplicity of the things I love in my life.
  • All my early videos were filmed while I was out and about on one of my most enjoyable pleasures, the humble and simple walk. Whether in the hills that are the backdrop of our old home in Guardamar or as I write this - across the flat, seaweed strewn beaches of County Clare - my old home in Ireland.
  • Anyway, the upshot is a different type of filming for this blog, a log of some of the simplest moments in my life, for anyone who cares to watch. And a testament to the clarity in maintaining a basic attachment to straightforward honesty of the world around us. Simplicity in complexity.

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