Once It's Lost You May Never Find It Again

alcohol mastery habitsv2 kevin o'hara life is precious stop drinking alcohol time is a gift time is precious Oct 17, 2021

Time is your greatest asset. It is the most precious thing you have.

You can't get any of it back once it's spent. It's gone.

I like to look at my time in two ways: as time invested or as time spent. It's how I judge how my day went. Of course, there's a balance.

What's the point in viewing every waking moment as an investment for the future?

On the other hand, how is your life going to turn out when you spend all your time in the moment, only considering what feels good right now, and to hell with the future?

That's the way I used to live my life, roughly speaking. I had to do certain things, such as working, so that I could get to the weekend when I could 'enjoy' the fruits of my labour.

Looking back I see how much those so called 'fruits' were destroying me. After the weekend was over, I couldn't wait to get back to work on Monday morning, just so I could have a rest and recover.

What is your life worth? Every minute should be precious...

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