Some Superheroes Are Just Called Dad!

Jun 19, 2022

Happy Father's Day to all the superhero dad's out there. 

I am not big into having a day to celebrate a collective anything. However, I think men in general have been getting a bad rap lately and Dad's seem to be, in some circles at least, seen as being irrelevant and unnecessary - even from the inception point of view (not the movie).

Fathers are an essential component of that two dimensional bedrock that has in the past and will always be critical to future proofing the human race.

Girls and boys need their dads. Daughters need their dads to provide a high standard by which they can measure other men that may come into their lives. Sons need their dads to provide a high standard by which they can measure themselves. Of course, we are all both sides of the same coin and are influenced in more ways than we can imagine by each of our parents and through their unique combination. Today is about dads :)  

I think and talk about my dad all the time. I come from a big family - four girls, five boys... Not one of my siblings would say that our father wasn't a huge positive shaping effect on our lives. My dad is the reason I am who I am, everything included. Sadly, I don't have him around any more and sometimes that weighs heavy on my shoulders. But, it's the way life is supposed to play out. Even though I miss him more than words can say, I am a more capable and grown up person because of his strong influence in my life.

Happy Fathers Day again to all the dads out there. Kudos where deserved!


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