The Shame of Alcohol Treatment

accountability alcohol mastery kevin o'hara make the decision to stop responsibility stop drinking alcohol Oct 26, 2021

The Emperor's New Clothes syndrome is never more apparent than when it surfaces in unearned guilt and shame of stopping drinking alcohol - AKA "Admitting you have a problem with alcohol".

Maybe if we all admitted that society has a problem with alcohol, we'd all be in a much better place - certainly a much healthier place.

Imagine a world where people sorted and sifted through their problems instead of trying to hide from them with one drug or another. Imagine a world where reasonable people used thought to control emotion and emotion to motivate living the best possible version of themselves. Imagine a world where people took personal responsibility as one of their highest values and lived through self-created tenets that were designed to extract the most meaning and importance from every waking moment. What a world that would be.

HabitsV2 Platform

If you are ready to stop drinking alcohol and you're looking for a clear and step by step process to help you make quick progress, we have a complete series of trainings and coaching at your disposal. Click on the button below for more details about how you can get started with the HabitsV2 platform.

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